Offering IT support, maintenance and solutions, Symphony PC prides itself on being a superior option for home and business. This means one solution for all of your IT needs.

With over a decade of experience in IT and business support, Symphony PC is able to provide superior project planning, budgeting, implementation and post care in a way suited best to the needs of businesses, and with a proven record of enabling growth and boosting margins and productivity. Also offering VOIP, Hosting, Sales and Networking, Symphony PC provides a wide range of services, customized to your needs. With the right implementation, business growth is an expected and measurable end result.

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While desktop support can be expected these days, Symphony PC is experienced in managing both Microsoft and Linux servers and workstations, and has an array of options to facilitate the administration of large groups of machines in an organisation. This means that one must no longer endure odd workstations constantly out of sync with the network and business procedures, and expect uniform performance throughout. 

Diagnosing and repairing issues is done to professional standards, and with the knowledge that downtime is extremely costly. Maintenance and proper planning ensure that downtime is minimised, and after hours support is allowed for those clients who need it most. 

Regular reporting on various aspects of IT within the organisation is available, with appropriate recommendations to identify and prevent future problems.


Running and monitored on our own servers, Symphony is able to offer fast, reliable hosting and email for an affordable price. Boasting superior uptime numbers and efficient response, Symphony Web is a division of the business able to assist you in establishing an online presence. 

Professional web design with SEO is available, with sophisticated back end features allowing your site to sell for you as well as advertise your business. This has a proven track record, and many happy clients.

Your E-Shop

If you're selling goods, you've probably already got your own store. You know the expenses involved in setting up a branch, and the risks involved. 

An eShop allows you to sell your goods online, utilising your existing infrastructure - it's a store anybody can get to, and at a fraction of the cost!

Symphony PC is proud to announce new infrastructure allowing you to easily setbup your store, manage inventory and upload and manage products for easy ordering. 

It's straightforward, and easier than you think - take a look at Message in a Box to see what we can do for you.


If your business is making a lot of calls, or has an 086 number, you're probably paying more than you should for your calls. With a properly instituted Voice Over IP server, your call costs can be cut in half - a fixed cost that needn't be quite so painful any more. 

Symphony PC is happy to assist with this, offering set up, support, and helping you sign your own contract with a SIP provider, eliminating unnecessary chains in your call system and billing and ensuring that you get a good system, fast.


With long established ties to respected suppliers, Symphony PC can offer competitive quotes for your IT needs. We don't believe in 'add-on' costs, so a quote from Symphony PC is the one price you will pay to get your equipment running. 

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